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Krieger + Schramm plans, builds and rents out real estate in metropolitan regions of Germany.

Together we are today building the city of tomorrow. Our properties are not just buildings, they are the future. They are the beginning of new chapters. Why? For our real estate investors they provide the secure foundation for their investment, for our owner-occupiers they are the start of a new living experience with a healthy and pleasant indoor climate and for our new talent they are the key to our #teamkriegerschramm.   

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Find your suitable real estate in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Munich.

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Potential housing toxins are a thing of the past.


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  • "Together with Krieger and Schramm I realised a new building project in the 'Martini Quartier' in Kassel in 2018-2020 with a value of 15 million Euros. Both the buyers and the people involved in the project were completely delighted with the quality as well as the professionalism of the entire team. A fantastic success!" (Dipl. Oec. Klaus Morell)