Healthy living construction

You dream of your own home, built with healthy living construction materials and the latest technology? Then you need to get to know our apartments and houses!

Since 1992, we have developed into an efficient housing specialist with focus on the health of our customers. In our apartments and houses, worrying about harmful living spaces and potential housing toxins are a thing of the past.

My best decision.

Here we fulfill your living dreams

Feel good -
We make your home healthier.

Healthy living construction has been a central topic at Krieger+Schramm for well over 10 years.

With our own department and the support of competent partners, we have developed solutions that offer our clients a special advantage for health in their own four walls.

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Building according to LEAN - Higher adherence to schedules and fewer surprises

Lean construction thrives on perfect planning. It all starts with the creation of an ideal, lean project management process with corresponding milestones and task packages. For the construction process, the planning is tracked to the smallest detail. We can guarantee you a higher adherence to deadlines and you can safely plan for your future.