Creating security in your own four walls is another important topic for us in addition to healthy living construction.

With the brand "Safe Building", a standard in the field of burglary protection, hazard management, digitization and safety assessment has been developed for you. Certified protective measures, which are already considered during the planning phase, are a further step into a calmer life for you.

measures against burglaries

In cooperation with a TÜV Rheinland-certified specialist consultant for burglary protection, we have developed a concept for your safety. In addition to the police-recommended, mechanical burglary protection for windows and doors, an attentive neighborhood is particularly important. We promote this from the beginning with our I+You concept. In addition, we provide you with safety-conscious behavior to prevent burglaries.

  • Hazard assessment analysis & safety concept
  • Lighting concept for outdoor facilities
  • Mechanical burglary protection
  • I+You Concept
Detecting dangers at an early stage

We attach great importance to a well-thought-out warranty management down to the last detail. An indispensable basis for this is comprehensive and carefully structured documentation and revision documents. We hand these over to you together with the care and maintenance catalogue for building services. In the event of an issue, potential inconveniences for you and us can be quickly identified and a remedy can be quickly provided.

  • Warranty Management
  • Audit documents with care and maintenance catalogue
  • Leakage sensors
  • Remote-readable smoke detectors
intelligent digitalization

We generate more quality of life and security in your home for you through the use of intelligent digitization applications.

Interactions with the administrator or remote maintenance, e.g., for smoke warning messages, are just two points from the multitude of applications that offer you invaluable advantages and make your home even more livable.

  • The home platform – a digital added value for your home
  • Digital processes optimize everyday processes
  • Heat control & your consumer feedback
  • Digital access system
  • Digital Announcements & Administrator Communication
preventative analyses

For us, it is a matter of course to analyze your construction project with regard to various risk and safety assessments such as e.g., safety concept, lightning protection or fire protection concept. Our DEKRA-certified expert and his team of experts evaluate your housing project objectively and neutrally. We determine the potential risks and suggest appropriate protective measures. Thus, we achieve a level of safety for you

  • Fire protection concept
  • Lightning protection risk analysis
  • Drinking water hygiene examination
  • Water hardness test
  • Risk and safety assessment for fire protection switches