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    Your property in good hands

From land acquisition to turnkey handover and beyond, we cover all phases of the construction process.  

Particularly attractive plots of land on which we can realize our projects are the cornerstone for fulfilling living dreams in a wide variety of cities and regions. The Krieger + Schramm Group is based in the following regions, where we are continuously looking for appropriate land.



Wolfgang Barthel
mail: berlin@krieger-schramm.de
phone: 030 887165890


Fabian Schrader
mail: fabian.schrader@krieger-schramm.de
phone: 05608 95888-320


Joachim Pfisterer
mail: joachim.pfisterer@krieger-schramm.de
phone: 089 23238718-0


Damir Muric
mail: damir.muric@krieger-schramm.de
phone: 069 9210181-226