Are you looking for a future-proof investment? Then you're in the right place.

We are not only known for outstanding construction quality but have also received several awards in recent years.

In 2019, one of our projects was awarded the FIABCI-Prix D'Excellence, which is called "The Oscars of the property world" by the Wall Street Journal. We are very proud of this achievement.

Why we are the right partner at your side:

qualitybuilding with competence

In 2013, we were awarded construction company of the year by the Technical University of Munich. The comprehensive quality management system, which has been certified annually by TÜV Hessen since 1998, forms the basis for such high quality.

Through more than 100 of its own employees, the use of specialist engineers and competent planners, Krieger + Schramm has the opportunity to have a direct influence on quality - across the entire value chain from the purchase of land to the handover of the finished product.

CreditworthinessSecuring your investment

In 2016 alone, 21,700 companies in Germany had to file for bankruptcy, including numerous property developers and construction companies. The consequences of this can be devastating for affected builders and buyers. A very good credit rating therefore forms the decisive financial foundation so that the developer can meet his payment obligations at any time. That is why the examination of the developer's creditworthiness is the prerequisite for a secure investment.

We offer our builders and buyers more than ten times the security compared to the industry average according to the credit rating index (according to Creditreform). Thus, you are protected from financial losses.

Rental serviceOptimal coordination

Ours gives you support in the optimal selection of your financing provider. Benefit from personal advice and the best conditions.

Even after the property handover, we are there for you.

If you want to rent your apartment, use this service, because we know the strengths of the property very well and can find the right tenant much better than external brokers.

In addition, we offer you our marketing service if you want to sell your property again. Talk to us.