• Sustainabilitly

    We shape our future for our grandchildren.

Our approach

The construction industry has a great social responsibility. It shapes urban space for many decades. Each building changes the cityscape, influences demographic development and the direct and indirect environment.  

As a family business, we at Krieger + Schramm have been living up to this responsibility for over 30 years. Through responsible planning and construction, in accordance with ecological, economic, and social sustainability criteria, we are able to have a positive influence on our constructed environment and also to create social added value at any time. We pursue this goal consistently. 

Our Goal

Krieger + Schramm is Germany's leader in multi-storey residential construction, in the areas of healthy living, climate and resource saving construction.

Our way

Our customers receive an ecologically sound property with a holistic sustainability concept that also has an effect beyond the property. We start within the company and keep an eye, not only on our employees, but also on all partners involved in the project.  


We are committed

Demonstrably healthy living

For more than 10 years, the topic of home health has been in the foreground, and forms the core of our socially sustainable product innovation. 

With our own specialist department and external specialists, we offer our clients a special advantage for health in their own four walls. From the testing of building materials for harmful substances to the selection of our construction partners, we meticulously ensure compliance with our strict criteria for healthy living.   

Sustainable and cost-effective energy supply

By means of "contracting", the apartment owner can obtain locally generated renewable energies via Green Energy GmbH. This saves them the investment costs for their own photovoltaic system. This part is financed by Green Energy GmbH, and thus ensures a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.   

As early as 2012, Krieger + Schramm and Dynahaus GmbH developed Energie-Speicher-Plus-Häuser - a holistic concept for more independence in one's own four walls. 


People and society

At Krieger + Schramm, the focus is always on people. Above all, we make our contribution where we are active and based. Two percent of our annual profit goes to social projects. 

Together as a team, we take responsibility towards society. Corporate citizenship is firmly anchored in our corporate identity (CI) and has been part of Krieger + Schramm's philosophy since the very beginning. 

Employee Profit Sharing

At Krieger + Schramm, performance pays off. Profit sharing amounts to 10% of the company's profits.   


Healthy leadership means strengthening the health and well-being of our employees through comprehensive health management. 

Lean Management

Through forward-looking planning, we achieve an ideal and lean construction process. Our projects have only a quarter of the shortcomings compared to the rest of the industry. 


Every employee has the opportunity to submit ideas and potential for improvement. For each idea, €50 will be donated to a good cause.

Clean energy

All administrative sites purchase green electricity, and the first PV systems have been installed at the headquarters. 

EKS - Bottleneck-Focused Strategy

In the development of new construction projects, the EKS is the essential building block for sustainable and targeted planning. 

„It is our duty to leave a world worth living in for the next generations and not to shift problems into the future.“
Matthias Schäpers, Departmentment Manager Sustainability + Healthy Living Construction

Memberships & Partnerships

DGNB Membership

Europe's largest network for sustainable construction. The association cooperates with numerous national and international partners and supports a wide variety of initiatives that are committed to more sustainability in the built environment.


The purpose of the association is the protection, preservation, and care of the forest, in particular the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes as well as the promotion of the understanding of the connections in nature, the interests of the forest and the dependence of man on these foundations of life. 

Sentinel House Institute

The Sentinel Haus Institute provides in-depth expertise in the field of home health, easy access to health-tested materials and transparently certified buildings.

Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. The aim of the initiative is to promote the recognition, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity in the world of work in Germany.


  • Baumpflanzaktion Hessenforst

    K+S tree planting campaign - 2111 trees for the Hessenforst

    We have made a conscious decision to operate regionally. Climate change and extreme drought on our doorstep have resulted in the death of approximately 50,000 hectares of forest in Hessen alone in recent years 


  • Excellent sustainable construction

    Under the patronage of Angela Dorn, Minister of Science and the Arts, the Dagmar + Matthias Krieger Foundation presented the DMK Award for Sustainable Building for the tenth time on 31.08.2021, at Schloss Orangerie Kassel. The prize was awarded to architects, project developers and students from all over Germany who combine unique architecture with sustainable construction in an exemplary and committed manner.