You dream of living in a property that promotes your health instead of harming it? For well over 10 years, healthy living construction has been a central topic for Krieger+Schramm.

With our own specialist department and external specialists, we have developed opportunities to offer our clients a special advantage for their health in their own four walls. From the testing of building materials for harmful substances to the selection and training of our construction partners, we pay meticulously attention to compliance with our strict criteria for healthy living construction.

The entire construction process is accompanied and monitored by our healthy living construction coordinator. For several years now, we have been gold-certified specialist planners (Sentinel Haus Akademie) for healthy living.

We take measures to maintain your health in-house in the following areas:

indoor air quality

Many emissions are odorless and can lead to serious health problems in the medium and long term. For the best possible indoor air, the selection of the construction products used plays an important role. That's why we rely exclusively on tested construction products.


Krieger + Schramm builds with materials demonstrably tested for harmful substances.


Mold prevention in construction requires conscious and careful handling from planning to construction supervision to construction in all trades. Already during the construction phases, care is taken not to provide the mold with sustenance. In addition:

During the entire construction phase, Krieger + Schramm acts preventatively.


When executing our sound insulation measures, we pay attention to absolute accuracy. Sound bridge transmissions are excluded as far as possible from the outset by the use of particularly dense and heavy building materials. In this way, the air, body and impact sound is reduced as much as possible.

Krieger + Schramm plans your new home sound reduced.


Electrical appliances have become an integral part of everyday life. Mobile phone and tablet are our constant companions. Studies show that low-frequency radiation, for example, from electronic household appliances can lead to health damage.

Krieger+Schramm builds your new home low on electrosmog.